Jason rose

Kinesiologist | Personal Trainor  Holistic Nutritional Coach

Jason graduated from UBC with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in psychology. His interest in kinesiology, roots from his love for sports and his experience as a national swimmer in Kenya. His vision has been to learn and spread valuable information in the practice of active and healthy living. One of which, provided the necessary resources for juveniles and street kids to learn, practice and grow in the sports of soccer and swimming.

His time as a national athlete allowed him to travel parts of the world to compete but more importantly, to learn and appreciate other cultures.

Jason strives at providing a positive, encouraging environment for recovery and growth. He does so by putting a strong emphasis on understanding the physical and mental demands of each individual, with the aim of formulating a personalized program that is centered around them.

He inspires his clients with these: “No puzzle is impossible to solve, it just takes greater focus and resolve to find the solution. Never stop pursuing the truth, for it might be one step away from discovery.”