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Physiotherapy is best known in helping clients to optimize their function, and well-being. Every physiotherapists’ goal is to restore and maintain clients’ health and wellness. Physiotherapy helps through using hands on and modalities in helping with pain management, physical rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Physiotherapist also provides education and gives advice in promoting health and wellness.

Physiotherapy Session
Sports Injury
Working Out with a Physio Ball
Leg Injury

Our experienced physiotherapists are committed to providing comprehensive care and take pride in the high quality of treatment they offer. Our physiotherapists are continually enrolled in post-graduate courses to stay current in their field in order to offer industry leading treatment techniques.


Our physiotherapists are manual therapists and many of them have attained the highest designation and level of training attainable.

Our physiotherapists are determined to find the root cause of your problem, utilize the most effective treatment approaches and give you the tools required to prevent recurrence of your condition. When you come to Revive Wellness, you will always receive one-on-one individualized care from our physiotherapists.

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